Xbeam.me – P2P-data exchange

With xbeam.me you can exchange your data with another person via peer-to-peer.
You call either the homepage, or open the app.
You will then see a six-digit ID.
You have to pass these on to your partner.
Only one has to enter the ID of the other, the ID of the other partner is then inserted automatically.
Now you can go!
Drag a file into the “Send a file” field / select the file from the app.
An upload is started directly and your partner receives the file at the same time.
If everything is transferred to the PC, a “File Save…” dialog is displayed. On the smartphone everything is stored in the “Download” folder.

The service is free of charge and comes from Germany. This should also respect data protection.
During the data exchange seemingly can not be heard, since the data are supposed to be sent directly to the receiver.
It could be, however, that your data are sent via a relay server, as far as a firewall blocks the direct data exchange. This information is also written in the FAQ.

The advantages are obvious:
– Direct data exchange
– No listening
– Always the fastest connection (which the provider make possible)
– No data limitation (several GB or TB possible)
– Secure connection setup by ID
– No registration required

One disadvantage is, however, one can not divide the data to several people.
Therefore, if you want to send a file to several people, you need several sessions or send them individually.
But there is a big plus on the website, there is no advertising! Very beautiful!

If you want to test xbeam once, you can do it directly HERE.

>> xbeam.me
>> Android-App (PlayStore)

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