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What is Legal-Torrents?
Legal-Torrents is a website that provides links to legal torrents. So you do not have to search for torrent downloads for long and do not land on illegal platforms.
We want to make the Internet a bit faster!

Torrents are not illegal?
No! Torrents are completely legal! Unfortunately, some people abuse Torrents to spread copyright-protected material. We will never offer such data here!
But before you use a torrent, check how your current legal situation is in your country!

What is a torrent?
A torrent download is more complicated than a normal download. You are download a torrent file and open it with your torrent client. This reads the file and finds in this the Tracker server (A sort of table of contents for all clients that are online) and how many parts of the download has. Because a file is divided into many small parts and then downloaded. While you are downloading the parts piece by bit with full line, you send the finished parts loaded to other users who do not currently have the file. Once your torrent is loaded, the packages are reassembled and made available to you on your system.

What’s better at Torrents than on a normal download?
You can always download at full speed. Normal downloads depend on a few servers on the Internet. For example, your Steam-Game loads of about 10-20 servers simultaneously. If these are overloaded because too many Users requied the data, you are slowed down. In a torrent network are several thousand computers, which simultaneously download, but also upload. This network is never overloaded, as more and more people are getting it even faster. So you can always download with full line.

Can you change torrents?
No. This is only possible for the actual author of the torrent. This would create an extreme security gap for the network.

Why do not we provide a simple “search engine”?
Because this could also find illegal torrents. This is what we want to prevent.
Although there are filtering methods, these can be circumvented.
We therefore also check links before these are listed here as download. Everything for your safety!

What do I need to download a torrent??
A torrent client – no more! For this purpose, we recommend e.g.µTorrent, BitTorrent or Vuze.
Who uses the operating system Linux with the different distributions, has already automatically installed a torrent client.

It runs an upload while I download the file?!
Yes! Because you share this data with the network at the same time. So you contribute a lot to it!
You can restrict the upload rate in your client, but this makes the network slower. We therefore recommend to leave the upload active.

Offers Legal Torrents direct downloads?
No. We only link to the original file of the torrent download. This has two advantages for you:
1. You always have the latest torrent file.
2. You always have the most up-to-date link on the website, as we have to constantly test the data for functionality.

Why do not we offer direct files?
We do not host torrents as we leave this to the actual creators. So the decision remains with the developer to provide a torrent or not. In addition, this can update the data at any time without having to intervene.

My internet provider throttles torrents!
This is a pity. Please complain to your provider, as this is not permissible and a kind of censorship of the Internet is thereby created.
Torrent downloads are the same as normal downloads.
Use a VPN that encrypts data. So your provider can not control what’s going on your line.

I downloaded a torrent. Now I have a virus / worm / Trojan!
This is bad! Just let us know – use a PC! – so that we can remove the link and check again before more damage occurs!
We usually only link to the website, you are also safe. However, we can not influence what the host of the torrent does with its website over time.
It is your right to report the host of the torrent to the police in case of an attack by viruses / worms / Trojans!

Who is running legal torrents?
From people who love speed and safety. We would like to show the world that there are better methods for a quick data exchange than a conventional download.

I found a torrent on the web, which is missing on this page!
Then send it to us, so that we can grab him on the side.
Send an email to link@legal-torrents.tk with the link to the download and your contact possibilities (e-mail address).
We will never spam you at the given email address and will never be passed on to third parties. It is only used to make contact with the customer. If they are no longer needed, we will delete them! Promised!